Dossier Tracker

I have been stalking the FedEx tracking site for the past 5 days to follow my dear dossier across the globe.  It languished in a smoldering FedEx facility in Memphis Tennessee for 4 ridiculously long days before finally leaving yesterday and landing this evening in Dubai.  I’m hoping it takes off for Ethiopia sometime tonight.  Am I crazy to hope we are submitted to court next week?  Surely they’ve gathered all necessary documents and are just waiting to put my dossier on the top of the stack.  My hopes of a pre-closure court date are narrowing.  God can do it though, if he wants.  Tomorrow we leave at 4am for the city:  fingerprinting, a trip to the museum and aquarium, and a stroll through the botanical gardens (with a stop at the kiddie fountains), topped off with Ethiopian cuisine before the kids go down for naps on the ride back home.  So, rather than fireworks tonight, we will stretch under bleached sheets, the ceiling fan humming, prayers swirling up around us for this boy.


Dossier and USCIS

Happily, I sealed two envelopes today.  I picked up our home study this morning from our social worker and took it, along with the rest of our documents, to the Secretary of State’s office downtown.  My documents were authenticated in about 30 minutes.  I passed the time making copies at the library nearby and drinking an iced chai at the coffee shop next door.  My husband picked up a money order for our USCIS fees, and then the kids and I headed to the post office.  We sealed up two envelopes, whispered a few prayers, and sent them off, one to our agency in Virginia, and one to the USCIS office in Texas.  Both will arrive at their destinations tomorrow before noon.  The dossier will be checked out carefully by our family coordinator and then taken to Washington D.C. for authentication.  When this is complete, it will be shipped to Ethiopia, translated, and presented to the MOCWYA office with our court petition.  Our dossier will be shipped either on 6/29 or 7/6, even though I’d hoped it might make it out this week.  Ten to seventeen days feels like such a long time.  In the meantime, we await an appointment for fingerprinting and finally, our I-171H which we must have prior to court.  Lord, bring my boy home.