Introducing Teme

“Sing praises to the Lord for he has done gloriously.”  Isaiah 12:5


It’s Christmas morning here in our household.  We received our travel clearance from the Embassy today.  We’ve requested an Embassy appointment next Tuesday, December 20th and hope to hear back in the morning from the Embassy.  We have gone to bed so many nights recently knowing that things were happening in Ethiopia.  I’ve stayed up late in prayer, hoping to cover those specific moments involving our case.  Every morning we have hoped for news, and today it finally came.  The wind blows, and I am breathing, taking deep gulps, filling my shrunken and dark hope-places with this new blessing.  These experiences never last long.  Soon I will be finished waiting, my little boy crawling after a soccer ball on my living room floor while my daughter dances to the songs on her little piano.  I have to breathe this sweet air long now because there’s always another desert coming.


Right now we are in a rush to finish packing, baby clothes and bibs all over the nursery.  I’ve used Teme’s empty crib to plan and lay things out that we need.  Fortunately, our donation boxes are already packed, so we just have ourselves to pack up.  We will make our travel arrangements as soon as we have a confirmed Embassy date.  I’m a little worried about space on flights so close to Christmas.  I’ve been asking God to have my baby boy home for Christmas, and it is possible!  We may celebrate the day of our Lord’s birth as a family of four.  The light is bursting out of me, and I am overwhelmed with thanksgiving, overwhelmed with preparation, and overwhelmed with anticipation.  My “Maybe Baby” is coming home!