If you haven’t read One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp, you should.  Here’s my list (still certainly in progress).
  1. the long ache of anticipation
  2. puckered pink lips of my brown-eyed girl
  3. Lulu squealing over cottage cheese.
  4. her tiny smile when she sees we are watching.
  5. the pop of fair trade chocolate between my teeth.
  6. my father repairing the deadbolt
  7. heavy warmth of an ordinary cat
  8. walking the length of the mall with stroller, husband, and orange julius
  9. the light of my girl when she sees her nana
  10. le mot juste
  11. maps of all sorts
  12. my girl, reading parts of her book to me
  13. a good read
  14. a library where I wait
  15. late Mondays
  16. clean smell my mama leaves after she visits
  17. singing with my girl
  18. unfolding and smoothing the blanket
  19. packing nigh-nigh and baby in basket and toting her all day
  20. string cheese
  21. nighttime kisses
  22. surprising obedience
  23. white wine infused turkey
  24. running and kicking a ball for the first time.
  25. Forcing booboos to gain kisses
  26. midnight prayers
  27. French cheese
  28. unexpected breakfast
  29. off tempo singing
  30. warm leather
  31. flowers in little girl braids
  32. altar prayers
  33. surprise of RediWhip in an open mouth
  34. new pictures of sweet baby T
  35. early potty training
  36. long hug from a friend
  37. eating apples whole for the first time
  38. opening eyes big and wide like the gecko
  39. sunlight on candles
  40. cool water, no ice
  41. new table
  42. reciting books from memory
  43. fresh sheets
  44. security
  45. blowing dandelions
  46. evening snuggles
  47. scared snuggles
  48. only one baby in nursery
  49. dreams of Africa
  50. longing for other places
  51. free mattress
  52. fresh pages
  53. thin ink
  54. space heater at my feet
  55. African Rooibos Tea
  56. warm banana bread
  57. clean litter box
  58. Lord of the Rings on a foggy day
  59. new posts
  60. Tuesdays
  61. inward burn of the spirit
  62. an interview scheduled
  63. Hebrews
  64. Chocolate sodas
  65. Peek-a-boo kisses game in the car
  66. baby feet
  67. new recipe for turkey pasta
  68. anticipating miracles
  69. prayers from strangers
  70. Fair Trade shopping
  71. Discounted Toms for my girl
  72. tight curls with freshly washed hair
  73. travel clearance
  74. Red Robin with friends
  75. rapid heavy beat that drives me toward my boy
  76. preparation
  77. marriages saved
  78. Jesus
  79. My momma coming with reinforcements.
  80. my Teme home for Christmas
  81. a friend to wrap Christmas presents
  82. Memory Lane Chocolate milk
  83. my little boy, learning words so fast I can hardly count
  84. Weight up 1 1/2 lbs in 3 weeks
  85. my two babies sharing an apple
  86. family pictures (as a family of 4)
  87. my sweet M, hand on my shoulder looking so unsure
  88. two babies sleeping at the same time
  89. clean kitchen
  90. uninjured children and a Buick that needs only a new bumper
  91. copper crock pot
  92. dustbuster
  93. morning hugs from my boy
  94. Teme with necklaces and kitchen utensils.
  95. new TV to watch when exhausted
  96. ThermaCare heat wraps
  97. kids devouring bananas
  98. reading time
  99. my baby girl dancing to her music box
  100. Limbs Akimbo
  101. a visa in hand
  102. luggage first off the flight
  103. Island Breeze
  104. new printer
  105. grilled banana sandwiches
  106. left over grilled banana goo on apples
  107. crock pot apples and pork chops
  108. my husband home early from work
  109. my honey washing the dishes after dinner
  110. Vroom vroom and giggles when the truck drives on Teme’s head
  111. new tile
  112. my girl kissing her brother
  113. my girl tattling on her brother
  114. little girl pigtails
  115. a dream about an old friend
  116. cycles
  117. celebration with friends
  118. kind words from an old friend
  119. a complaint resolved
  120. a return to productivity
  121. kisses while my boy sits on the potty chair
  122. playing poo tinky alone
  123. heart-shaped hair
  124. cheek-to-cheek with my boy
  125. a morning without diarrhea
  126. antiparasitics
  127. warm dinner waiting on a Friday night
  128. my girl glowing when we clap for her cleaning up
  129. my boy’s grin climbing the horse by himself
  130. my two toddlers playing with puppies in the rain
  131. my two toddlers, faces (and tongues) pressed to the glass
  132. ice cream surprises from Paul and Jakelyn
  133. somersaults
  134. learning to jump
  135. promising words about little M
  136. someone to trust about M
  137. my girl, pulling on her rain boots by herself
  138. my two kids mouthing garbled “love you” in the car
  139. watching my little man dance (spins in a slow circle while bouncing his knees)
  140. green smoothies
  141. sitting in the sunshine with friends and littles
  142. leaves raked and removed
  143. weather warm enough for a skirt
  144. two sleeping toddlers with soft curls
  145. twisties in curly brown hair
  146. falling in grass for tickles
  147. chew box
  148. reruns
  149. new paint for the basement
  150. party cake
  151. book club
  152. progress with M
  153. chocolate zucchini Bars
  154. crock pot
  155. realizing 1 extra hour of work per week amounts to almost an extra half day of patients seen per month
  156. cinnamon rolls from the hospital coffee shop
  157. veggie sandwiches
  158. my first attempt at paella
  159. new barefoot shoes that seem to magically tighten my core
  160. a husband that doesn’t mind the new shoes
  161. new pictures of my Teme
  162. baby Chucks
  163. my girl’s new favorite shoes, her Toms
  164. news from my brother in Greece
  165. dwindling lists
  166. stacks of work-related papers filed
  167. a new folder for a new hope for little M
  168. gathering home study and dossier documents in faith
  169. a little sister and a little brother shirt, also in faith
  170. an adoption friend with Embassy clearance for her boy
  171. final paperwork on the desk of the director for M
  172. Bible study in the back seat of a Buick
  173. a terminally ill friend now healed and home with Jesus
  174. friends who pray
  175. spontaneous two word phrases from my girl
  176. my girl wearing capris, leggings, and rain boots
  177. cross-legged on the floor, my little boy on my lap
  178. my brother home from Greece
  179. a boy who wants his hair done after the girl
  180. knowing that sand is dirty and that a bath comes after
  181. singing songs en Francais with my girl
  182. Ta kwaba uwaba nga Yesu
  183. women dedicated to an orphanage
  184. chocolate sodas
  185. new adoption folder with new papers inside
  186. one more checkmark on the list
  187. sending off big checks without thinking in faith
  188. Beth Moore.  I’ve missed her so.
  189. a CT completed
  190. the AOG cafeteria
  191. time to have my blood drawn
  192. a Friday with no charts
  193. my boy climbing a ladder by himself
  194. pushing buttons
  195. chocolate cake
  196. my girl singing “The Wheels on the Bus,” “Twinkle Twinkle,” and “Frere Jacques” by herself
  197. activated 3G on iPod to work while waiting
  198. notaries
  199. papers in order, in their places
  200. dishes done
  201. crockpot oatmeal on Saturday morning
  202. no extra laundry this week
  203. warm evenings and a porch
  204. clearance!
  205. my M transferred to a safe and secure transition home
  206. a friend’s daughter alive
  207. tummy troubles solved
  208. a nearly complete dossier and I600A
  209. making dinner without buying more
  210. creperie
  211. mascarpone cheese in dessert crepe
  212. a solitary lunch date
  213. papers caught up
  214. a new little girl for my friend
  215. my girl befriending a big girl in the ER waiting room
  216. a library across the street with an available copy machine
  217. enough change to make copies
  218. I-600A and dossier mailed
  219. dossier arrives complete
  220. a good meatloaf
  221. a busy schedule and work completed
  222. a working air conditioner
  223. deep sleep
  224. cookies that turn out properly with a somewhat unpredictable recipe
  225. my babies, how I love my babies
  226. the prospect of a new room
  227. thrift stores
  228. camp worship
  229. root beer float
  230. saving $ on groceries
  231. unexpected $7600 tax return
  232. faith in God’s ability to surprise and delight
  233. time to read
  234. the desire to write
  235. snuggles from my boy
  236. my boy following instructions that I gave to my girl
  237. my boy cleaning up after asking just once
  238. our little cat found
  239. my daughter, kissing my boo boos
  240. my daughter, delighted at seeing pictures of her family
  241. more choo choo
  242. practicing letters
  243. a confirmed birthdate
  244. practicing counting
  245. “more ride”
  246. “go downstairs watch elmo cookie”
  247. a successful VBS
  248. rainbow streamers
  249. well-lit coconut cafe
  250. a new photo album for M and a friend to carry it to him
  251. sunshine cake
  252. sweet oranges
  253. sleeping until 9:30
  254. pajama day
  255. rain
  256. a new tree
  257. a tree watered
  258. eight years
  259. court date
  260. a morning nap outside
  261. my son’s new groove
  262. Lulu still while curls are shaped
  263. Ukelele “Oh How I Love Jesus”
  264. prayer before speaking
  265. long naps
  266. a clean house
  267. loves from an injured girl
  268. Bible study
  269. BTW
  270. my kids comfortable in a new kids’ church
  271. tax return
  272. watching God work it out
  273. knowing your enemy
  274. an outdoor nap
  275. movie night with a friend
  276. charts and paperwork complete on Friday night
  277. shade and cool breezes
  278. trying to run
  279. ice water
  280. sprinklers
  281. independent play
  282. sunshine on tired eyes
  283. a willing piano player
  284. airline tickets purchased
  285. my husband upset over a soiled freshly swept floor
  286. a room for a little girl
  287. candles for girl room
  288. pride in my brother’s CFA defense
  289. a redeemed flight
  290. pretty mini kleenex packages
  291. parents who come for my kids with little notice
  292. “two Temes”
  293. poo tinky on the swings
  294. chasing my kids in the yard
  295. t-shirt doo rag
  296. little girl hair out
  297. professional braids
  298. a purple pen
  299. strawnana smoothie at the airport
  300. “Nanny rose”
  301. free IV fluids and feeding tubes
  302. text messaging and friends who pray
  303. iPad rescued from airport terminal
  304. summer Olympics
  305. midnight pizza
  306. Prilosec
  307. a sweet awakening
  308. a weekend in Africa
  309. a desire to worship and serve
  310. good headphones
  311. movies set in India
  312. open bathrooms
  313. a smooth flight
  314. international worship
  315. a third child, my firstborn
  316. fresh bathrooms at Dulles immigration
  317. a long sleep on a long flight
  318. a name finally given
  319. final preparations
  320. going home to my babies
  321. pretty pens
  322. celebrating over milkshakes
  323. seeing promises fulfilled
  324. a warm but not hot day
  325. “mama play?” when driving past the playground

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