Big Girl Bed

We moved our sweet girl to her new bedroom tonight.  I’ve let her play in it some, and we’ve talked about her new room and her new bed quite a lot recently.  I was surprised at how quickly she took ownership of everything in her room.  When Teme tries to climb on the bed, she yells, “No!  My bed!”  I’ve been asking her all week if she wants to sleep in her new room.  Sometimes no, sometimes “oh?”  Tonight we decided to give it a try.  I am amazed by this little girl.  We laid Teme down in his bed and gave him kisses, then walked Lulu across the hall to her room.  She climbed right into bed, laid her head down, and whimpered just a little like she does every night.  I kissed her, told her to rest so we could play in the morning, and left the room.  She’s not made a sound since.  I was sure she’d try and get up ten or twelve times before she settled for the night.  We are so blessed.

**Update**  It is now 7:26 am, and my girl is still sleeping soundly.

**Update #2**  I went in to photograph my sweet sleepy girl and found her snoozing on the floor next to her bed.  I’m surrounding it with pillows tonight.


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