Prayers for Ethiopia #5

We are awaiting our first flight, our baggage checked, summer Olympics humming on the flat screen over my shoulder. We covet your prayers for our journey.

1. Pray we make all of our connecting flights. Our first flight is currently an hour delayed.
2. Pray for my sweet kids at home, that they enjoy being with their grandparents and only miss us a little,
3. Pray for our safe travel, and pray that our baggage arrives without incident.
4. Pray for our reunion with M, especially pray for his little heart which must be so confused. We have left him so many times already.
5. Pray for our court date, August 6th. Pray that our letter from MOCWYA arrives on time and that we pass court that day.
6. Pray for swift submission to the Embassy so that we can return for M very soon to bring him home.
7. Pray for other adoptive families as they wait and attend court. Pray for their children.
8. Pray for other children, waiting in orphanages for permanent placements.
9. Pray for at risk families in developing nations, that they might receive any help needed to allow their families to remain intact so that there are fewer orphaned and relinquished children.


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