So, we received our USCIS appointment this weekend.  It is for July 26th, an unacceptable 26 days away.  We plan to head to the city’s USCIS office on 7/5 and beg to be fingerprinted early.  This generally isn’t a problem provided we bring a copy of the appointment notice.  The college student that lives in my home (over the age of 18) must be fingerprinted as well, and she has not received an appointment yet, even though we paid for all three of us to be printed.  Taking her along is a risk.  Without an appointment notice, they may refuse to see her, and it is a 3 hour drive away.  This week is ideal since her classes are cancelled for the holiday, but I don’t want to waste her long weekend off.  I’m praying we receive an appointment notice for her before Thursday.

Once the fingerprints are done, I’ve heard it can take about 3 weeks for the completed I-171H to arrive.  We must have the I-171H prior to our court date.  I know it probably won’t happen until October, but I’m still a teensy bit hopeful for a late July court date prior to closures.  This is my final task in this adoption process.  The rest is in the hands of our agency, the courts, and immigration.  I’m so thankful that God sees these details.


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