Where is our home study?

Well, the home study is currently in the hands of our family coordinator, who must proof the document and determine whether it is everything it needs to be.  If it is worthy, it goes back to our social worker who signs and notarizes 3 copies, then rushes to meet me somewhere in Springfield so I can have my recently-sanitized hands on it as quickly as possible.  I’ve thought about leaving work for this.  We still also have  this little matter of the post-placement commitment, a document that the agency signs promising to provide post placement reports on our family following the adoption.  I asked for that item weeks ago, and it must be signed by the director, who lives in St. Louis.  Shall I kidnap a notary, drive to St. Louis, and stalk this dear woman until it is properly signed?  After that, we still have to seal all of the documents before we can mail them.  I’m thinking this needs to be done on Thursday if it will be done at all this week.  There could be a few hiccups with the sealing as well. If the notary isn’t perfect at her job, the documents will be rejected, and we have to have them done again.

If signed and sealed, I can mail them on to Ethiopia.  I really want to do this done before the end of the week!  I also am waiting on one document in addition to the home study for our I-600A application.  I don’t think I’ll rest until we have a more solid timetable (i.e. a court date).  Pray for us and little M.


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