This weekend has been filled with victories of many kinds.  Here’s my list.

1. My little M now lives at our agency’s transition home.  He is safe, secure, and waiting for us.  <insert ridiculous amounts of joy and smiles wide enough to make my cheeks sore here>

2. The Great Vaccine War of 2012 has ended, and we won.

3. My friend and colleague gave birth to a healthy precious baby girl.

4. Matt and I enjoyed an evening out and received complimentary bread, mango lassis, table side hand washing, chai, and balloons at a fantastic little Indian restaurant.

5. I made a pilgrimage to Whole Foods to stock up on Lulu haircare products and I am very satisfied with her springy and shiny curls today.

6. I attended an international medical missions conference filled with passionate physicians, nurses, students, accountants, and pastors.  I left encouraged, inspired, still certain of my calling, and itching to formerly file an application for long term service.

7. I met a representative from the missions organization that I aspire to join, and he is not a physician but a math teacher.  I introduce my husband, also a math teacher.  I am glowing in possibilities for our family’s future.

8.  A friend’s daughter survived a serious car accident with miracle upon miracle.  She will have a long recovery but already testifies to the greatness of our God.

9. A missionary friend who has been in the U.S. recovering from a serious bout of malaria is now returning to Zambia to continue her work.

10. We celebrated the birthdays of my three brothers and my husband with grilled kabobs, roasted potatoes and asparagus, and cake.

11. Our home study is now complete, just awaiting a few revisions and approvals, and our I-600A will be mailed off so we will have the last piece of the dossier.

Eleven is my favorite number, so I will stop here.  It has been a lovely weekend.

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