Five months home

My little bitty is growing so much.  This month, he has started combining words.  This past week he came to me and said “graham cracker please.”  He frequently combines words, and he talks in enormous strings of gibberish while nodding his head.  His sentence usually ends with “mama,” so I know he’s telling me something important.  He is desperate to climb the ladder to our big slide.  He can’t quite get his feet on the first rung, but if I help him there, he can climb the rest of the way up.  We played at a nearby park for the day on Mother’s Day, and he nearly walked off of the higher play equipment because he has no fear.  He has been in occupational therapy weekly for the past month.  He loves it.  He especially likes the net swing.  He gets to touch all kinds of things.  His therapist tapes his three fingers down to encourage him to use his pincer grasp.  He only tolerates this if she offers him a snack.  He’s getting much better at playing on his tummy, less afraid of finger paints.  We have a container full of rice in the basement.  Teme loves to sit in it, and Lulu has embraced it as well.  Teme always takes his pants off and plays in it in his onesie.  Now Lulu comes to the basement and takes her pants off so she can sit in the rice too.  She wants to feel it all over, digs her hands down and finds toys we’ve buried.  Lulu now can say her name, her age (two, with her thumb and first finger out), and identify herself as a girl.  I had no idea that she knew until I’d asked.  Teme and Lulu are both singing now.  Lulu is quite proficient with “itsy bitsy spider,” “twinkle twinkle,” “the wheels on the bus,” “Jesus loves me,” and “Frere Jacques.”  Teme sings “twinkle twinkle” and “Jesus loves me” also.  Papa came over the weekend and built a swing set onto our existing play place in the backyard.  Now both kids can swing at the same time.  There’s an open spot for a third swing for M when he arrives.


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