Praise the Lord, M is ours, well, almost.  Our sweet M’s clearance was issued last week, which gave me a whole new sense of urgency about completing our paperwork and getting our little man home.  Our consultant recommends we get our dossier to Ethiopia (DTE) as soon as possible.  I spent most of my evenings last week organizing paperwork, sorting, signing, and filling out autobiographical questionnaires.  I have almost every required document in my possession for the dossier.  I’m waiting on my medical exam, my live-in college student’s exam, police clearances, and the home study.  I also need the home study to submit our I-600A to USCIS in order to get our FBI fingerprinting appointment so we can receive our I-171H, which is also required for the dossier.  I’m guessing that at best, it will still be a month (if the I-171H comes quickly) before we will be officially DTE.  After that, we will have to wait for M’s official referral, our dossier to be translated, and a court date.  Even with everyone involved working as efficiently as possible (which seems unlikely in Ethiopia), I expect that to take 8-12 weeks at a minimum.  The courts will close from August to October.  It doesn’t seem likely that we’ll get through court before then.  If it happens sooner, it will be truly miraculous.  Even after court there is an indeterminate period of waiting before we will have our Embassy appointment to bring him home.  At this point, I have done everything that I can.  We notarized every document in our possession yesterday, and we had our first home study meeting.  I hope we’ll have our second meeting tomorrow, but I’m waiting to hear back from our college student who is moving in next week.  She will need to be present for the visit.  I hope to get good news back from our adoption coordinator next week.  She will be reviewing our documents to ensure they meet requirements of the U.S. State Department and of the Ethiopian government.  I hope they are all adequate and none have to be redone.  I am HIGHLY MOTIVATED to complete this process efficiently.

God is good.  He can do anything.  I have the pleasure of watching him work to bring my M home.

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