Day 24: a movie no one would expect me to love

Okay, I ashamed to even admit this, but I do sort of love this movie.  I haven’t watched it since I was a teenager.  If you haven’t seen it, don’t watch it.  It is awful in so many ways.  I never ever want my kids to see it.  Not ever.  The dialogue is fabulous.  The soundtrack is fantastic.  Even so, don’t watch this movie.  I mean it.  You will be disgusted and have such a terrible opinion of me.  Matt and I quote the film regularly, and our wonderful, innocent, sweet church friends have no idea, absolutely no idea who Pumpkin and Hunnybunny are.  They have no idea why “personality goes a long way.”  It is a remnant of my former life, one I will leave there and remember only in sound bytes.


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