Getting ready for the fire hose

Ever have the feeling that a fire hose has been placed in your mouth and will be turned on very, very soon?  Our little M’s clearance letter is on the desk of the director who will give the final sign off which will launch him into the category of being adoptable.  We don’t know where he will go yet though.  It will be one of two places.  In one location, he will still be ours, referred to us still, guaranteed to come home with us once this is complete.  In the other location, there is no guarantee that we will receive his case.  He could be referred to any agency who then could refer him to any waiting couple.  I want him to have a family so badly, but truly, I want it to be my family.  Tonight I am blasting through an application with an agency, wishing I knew exactly how much my 403b is worth today and how much I still owe on my car.  There are just a couple of little blanks left.  After that, we need a home study update, fingerprinting, and the final dossier documents. I’m demanding letters of reference from all of my friends, and I am desperate to have them notarized perfectly on the first try.  I will not be responsible for holding up this adoption.

Please join us in prayer that little M will indeed be cleared and that once he is cleared, we will secure his referral.  Pray for us as we enter this process again, so soon after we left it before.  We love this little boy so much.  We’ve felt incomplete without him all this time.


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