Day 20: a hobby

Oh, hobbies . . . I lack committment to them. They are too hard to sustain in the long term. I have too many really, most atrophied from months or years of neglect. I’ll give you a short list of my activities.

1. Evening walks through our neighborhood with husband, barefoot toddlers, and fabulous double stroller. We do this as often as the weather allows, and it is lovely.
2. Reading. I am a book snob. I prefer vivid imagery, layered symbolism, and happy endings. I read only what is recommended by other trusted literary snobs. I have almost no time for this now, but it is still one of my favorite things when I have a few hours to myself.
3. Writing. I used to be a bit of a poet. I like to think I still could be, but I’m not sure I have the confidence or the time to produce anything worthy of the page. I still try to write occasionally, and on burnt oatmeal days, my insides still flow out with ink.
4. Scrapbooking. I wish I could do this, but I think it’s impossible with toddlers. Too much mess, too many sharp objects, too many choking hazards.
5. Quilting. I really should do this again, at least after the littles fall asleep. I’ve been making my husband a quilt for about 8 years now.
6. Baking. I love it but never do it for fear that I will eat too much of it. I don’t give it away because I assume it isn’t any good and no one would want it. I have issues.
7. Tea-drinking on a porch on a warm night. By far my favorite activity, but only good with a friend. My family practices this almost every night in summer. I should mention that I am a tea snob also. I’ve acquired a taste for wonderful tea. My favorite is African Roobios, but I do like most quality teas, herbal, green, oolong, black, any kind really.


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