Day 19: A Talent

My husband says that I choose well.  It is my superpower.  I am generally able to select the very best offering on a completely otherwise unknown menu for myself and for my husband.  I am very rarely disappointed.  My husband knows this talent of mine and often goes with my recommendations when we visit a new place.  Choosing food is my particular talent, but it works for me in other areas too.  I suppose I tend to be choosy, so when I do commit to something, it usually fulfills my expectations.  Take my stroller, for example.  I read loads of reviews, studied up on hundreds of double-stroller models, and talked to moms in my office before I made my decision, and I absolutely love my stroller.  It is everything I need it to be.  I identify with Sally in When Harry Met Sally when she says, “I just want it the way I want it.”  I don’t compromise when it comes to functionality or flavor.


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