Four Months Home

So, it’s been four months as a family of four, and I think we’re doing well.  We have our good days and our better days.  I have come to accept that a general state of exhaustion is my new normal.  Teme has become increasingly sweet, increasingly precious, increasingly darling.  He tries so hard to impress, and he is desperate to be included in absolutely everything.  He is becoming much more proficient with a spoon.  He uses is right hand most of the time (unlike his sister) and eagerly slurps his spoon even if there’s nothing on it.  He usually nods his head while eating this way saying “I’ve got this.  I can do it Mama.”  He’s still terribly messy and delights is dropping food on the floor for Truman.  He is such a quiet little guy, but he’s got lots and lots of words.  He says spoon, bowl, lulu, sister, Truman, kitty, puppy, slide, swing, ball, bounce, please, thank you, amen, chicken, milk, water, yogurt, up, block, hi everybody, bye, banana, bread, stuck, help, car, beep (button), outside, go, no no, mama, dada, oh, yes, tickle, choo choo, hot, all done, all gone, grape, and more that I can’t think of.  He imitates Lulu in so many ways, assents in the same way (o-oh-o), uses many of the same expressions and gestures.  He likes to try and pray, bows his little head and mumbles a string of jargon.  Often a word sounding like “Jesus” comes out in the mix, and he finishes it all up with a confident “Amen!”  Isaiah got his first tooth since coming home this month.  It broke through on Good Friday, so now my little man has 5 teeth.  He is suddenly drooling continuously, so I hope more teeth are on the way.  His food related tantrums are becoming less and less, though if Teme is going to have a total melt down, it will generally be when he thinks he’s missing out on food of some kind.  He’s still a clumsy little guy, but he is more and more determined to go faster.  He loves to push his car in the backyard.  Lately he has been asking to see our car in the garage, mainly so that he can push the “beep” (the garage door button) to raise and lower the door.  He and Lulu fight over this privilege.  He still loves to swiffer.  He is working in occupational therapy and loves his therapist, Miss Elizabeth.  She swings him, chases him on his hands and knees, lets him play in buckets full of rice.  He seems to enjoy picking up beans and putting them in jars for her.  He’s afraid to play in shaving cream.  We’re still dealing with tummy troubles. After an uneventful trip to an ID specialist, we started him on probiotics and a multivitamin, but his tummy troubles have not improved.  We see the GI doc in a few weeks.  He has a bath almost daily at daycare, and we always have at least two changes of clothes available for him.  He loves to go bye bye, whether in the car or going for a walk in the stroller.  He is a sweet, sweet boy, loves to give kisses to us and to his sister.  He blows kisses to almost anyone who visits.  After I spend an hour doing Lulu’s hair, he plops into my lap immediately after she gets up for his turn.  I rub leave-in conditioner on his curls and squeeze him, and off he toddles to find another activity.


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