Day 15: A person that I admire

This is so difficult.  I am challenged to tell you about a person that I admire, and that is so hard.  I am the sort of person that falls deeply in love with ideas of people.  I have close friends, mentors, family members, all with admirable qualities that in parts of my life I have essentially worshiped.  It never takes long for reality to kick me in the gut and remind me that people are still people, and for all of their admirable qualities, they are still flawed, messed up humans.  I am always so deeply disappointed when I discover that my heroes are really humans.  This is happened more times than I can count, and so I have learned to minimize my admiration.  Maybe that makes me a cynic, but I think it has helped me deal with a certain idolatry that I seem endlessly seduced by.  It’s inappropriate for me to try and fill all of my incompleteness up with ideas of people when only God will do.  I will tell you qualities that I admire in my friends and family:  tenacity, loyalty, passion, honesty, compassion, humility, intelligence, encouragement, self-control, grace.

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