Day 10: A photo of me taken 10 years ago

Sorry, since this is a public blog and since I meet some rather unstable people in my line of work, I won’t be publishing any photos of myself or my family.  Suffice it to say, I weigh about 10 lbs heavier and have several gray hairs now.  My hair is shorter (liberating I tell you).  I wear less make up and longer skirts.  I usually have a toddler on my hip these days.  Ten years ago, I was just a few months from being engaged, and I was in medical school.  I was in scrubs most days, heaving thick volumes around and furiously scribbling notes on lecture handouts.  It’s lovely not looking like a sleep-deprived smurf any longer, but I don’t know that trading scrubs for snot and slobber on my shoulder is much of an upgrade.


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