Day One: “Why Should I Cry for You”

So today, I am challenged with telling you a favorite song. I don’t have a single favorite, and I have waffled between choosing a classic, one immediately recognizable for its artistry or significance (“Every Breath You Take,” “With or Without You,” and “London Calling” come to mind immediately), and choosing a song that is perhaps less known, but still among my favorites. I’ve choosen “Why Should I Cry for You” from Sting’s The Soul Cages album (1991). I love the album, but more, I really do love this song. I’m not even really sure why. Sting wrote the album shortly after losing both of his parents, and dedicated the album to his father. The song is about the relationship between father and son. It’s about grief. In my own life, it has been a welcome soundtrack to any pensive days, times I find myself examining circumstance, wondering why I think the way that I do. It was a particularly useful tune at times that I have found myself grieving but feeling silly for it. It’s a strange place. On more than one occasion, I have found myself overwhelmed with sadness but without any rights to it, times when I grieved another’s circumstance that really had no effect on my own. A good writer would give you more details, but I feel it best to protect the privacy of those whom I have grieved, since the stories belong to them. This may not be how the song was originally intended. Isn’t that the point of music and art though, to reach people in moments outside of your own, to mirror an emotional response and show some kind of human truth? I’ve been a Sting fan since I bought Ten Summoner’s Tales for a penny when I was 14 years old. It wasn’t long after that I discovered The Police, and I’ve been a fan ever since.

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