Three Months Home

I’ve loved on this little boy for three months already.  Three months of kissing plump cheeks and stealing noses, three months of climbing too high and stumbling, three months with only 4 sweet teeth grinning back at me.  Teme has astounded me with his quick progression.  He has been walking for two months, still a little drunk, especially on grass and our mulched playground where he wobbles and falls easily.  He articulates easily, waves and says “bye everybody” when leaving the room.  He asks for “grr” (grapes), “chicken,” “me-k” (milk), and occasionally shouts “amen” for no reason at all.  At home, he holds hands and bows to pray and at school he folds his hands together, always tiny head bowed.  He is surprisingly compliant (especially compared to his sister).  Generally a low-pitched “no” will stop him and he will toddle off to find something else.  He wants to receive praise.  When we work with Lulu on cleaning up, he pitches in to receive the same accolades.  He still loves his food, but he is becoming more choosy, accepting more fruits but refusing more vegetables.  He loves bread of any kind best.  Like Lulu, he adores bananas, so we are buying about 6 lbs of bananas per week.  He signs please eagerly.  He still cries if he thinks he is being left out or if he thinks I have food that I will not share.  This is most difficult when cooking because he sits at my feet and cries the whole time that I am preparing the food.  Teme is my problem-solver.  He turns toys over to climb on them and reach higher places.  He is fearless, willing to walk off the back deck despite the two-foot drop, desperate to climb up and then jump off of most anything.  When we first tried to swing him, he hated it and cried the entire time.  Now he asks “‘wing?”  He doesn’t particularly like to slide, but he wants to climb the ladder to the top and wander there, collecting fallen leaves and acorns for me.  He still loves to play with food, will sit contentedly in a chair on our back porch with a bowl of water and a spoon.  He also loves to drag my broom around the house.  He isn’t mindful of it though, so Lulu has been knocked in the head with it more than once when he opted to change directions.  He loves to sing.  In the car he howls along with my radio like a basset hound.  He likes “if you’re happy and you know it” best and especially likes to say “hooray” and “amen” during that song.   He doesn’t have much force for scribbling yet, but he tries.  He still keeps his thumbs tucked in most of the time, so I’ve asked for him to see an occupational therapist.  We have struggled with tummy troubles since we first met him in December.  We go to an infectious disease specialist next week, hopefully to sort it out.  Teme frequently climbs up on me and says “bounce” while bobbing up and down.  Then he climbs on my shins and giggles as I extend them out and back until I’m too tired.  I tell him I need to rest, and he presses his cheek to mine for a few minutes and then sits up, bobs, and says “bounce?”  He never grows tired of it.  He still loves his daddy who can calm him when no one else can.  Teme is a champ at taking medications (he’s been on 8 now, including one that came only as a tablet).  I was so proud of him when he swallowed the pill pieces that I offered whole with lots of water.  He loves to go bye-bye, often first to the door, and he seems to like going for walks.  He pounces on our kitty regularly and still occasionally pulls his tail, though I think he’s getting better about this.  In a skirmish for a particular toy, Teme generally wins and leaves Lulu pouting.  He will sometimes share with her spontaneously, if only for a few minutes.  He’s pretty good-natured with his sister, forgives her quickly when she tries shutting his head in doors.  When she is cruel to him, I ask her to say sorry and give him a hug.  She opens her arms wide, and he dives in, usually knocking her to the ground, and then they are rolling on the floor in a tight squeeze with belly laughs, such sweet babies.


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