Lulu Day

We celebrated Lulu Day today, the day we were given custody of our sweet girl.  We happened to be in the city since we’d gone to an NFL game the night before.  She played outside at my parents house, tried eating leaves and dirt.  We stopped at Whole Foods to pick up some Lulu hair care products where Lulu picked a cupcake out for her special day. We had lunch at the Elephant Bar with my parents and headed back to home afterwards.  She got to enjoy her cupcake at church just prior to our weekly Bible study.

Lulu is 22-months-old.  She is able to say “mama nigh-nigh” or “dada nigh-nigh,” her first two word phrases.  She likes to pretend that she is sleeping, closes her eyes, leans her head back on one of us, and makes snoring sounds.  She learned this from her daddy.  She still loves books, prefers to read them on my lap with a “nigh nigh” blanket covering us up.  When she goes to bed, she always brings baby, Madeline, “nigh nigh” and “uh-nigh nigh” (other night night).  She calls her shoes “ba” and likes to take them off in the car, her socks too.  She takes her clothes out of her drawers and tries to put them on.  She is easily frustrated by this, so we have to limit how much she tries just to avoid a melt down.   Overall, she is still a very good eater, but she has become more picky.  She picks all the garbanzo beans out of her veggie couscous and leaves the rest.  She still loves fruit in general, but she has her preferences.  One day she loves blueberries, the next she won’t touch them.  She’s like this with all fruits except bananas.  She always loves bananas.  She has recently learned to eat an apple whole.  This takes most of the day, and she keeps coming back to the counter to pick up where she left off until the entire apple is gone except a tiny bit of core.  She usually spits the skins back out after each bite with no apple flesh left on them.

On Thanksgiving, Lulu learned to kick a ball for the first time.  She had a blast running around in my parent’s yard with their oversized ball.


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