Prayers for M

Oh, we have had so much disappointing news.  As you know, we went to court on 2/14 in Ethiopia to adopt M.  We did not pass court.  We still don’t really know why.  We have been told lots of things, most of which don’t make much sense.  Today we were told that our agency doesn’t think that M is adoptable.  We’re not sure why this is.  We have court again on 3/1.  We won’t be going to Ethiopia (travel isn’t required for repeat court dates), but his case will go before the judge again.  The judge probably won’t grant the adoption without a letter of support from the Ministry of Women’s Affairs (MOWA).  MOWA oversees all adoptions in Ethiopia and basically holds all the power to determine whether a child should be adopted.  Our agency has offered to allow us to accept the referral of a different child, but truly, we want this child.  We know him and have prayed for him and have waited for him.  He knows us.  We have visited him many times, and the thought of leaving him in an orphanage for the rest of his childhood simply isn’t acceptable.  In short, it seems that M won’t be adopted by us or anyone else without God’s intervention.  God is the only one who can make the impossible possible.  M’s name means “God can do anything.”  It is a good name.  We need your prayers.

Pray that we find favor with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and with the Ethiopian court.  Pray that the required paperwork will arrive.

Pray that we will pass court on 3/1.

Pray that God gives us guidance in knowing how to proceed if we do not pass court.  We will need wisdom to know what to do next.

Pray for M and his caregivers.  Pray that God would intervene on his behalf.

Pray for us as we wait to have peace and faith in God’s great plan.  We have been heartbroken since our last trip, and we could use some encouragement.

There are two other families from our agency that did not pass court on 2/14, also unsure why.  They also have new court dates on 3/1.  Pray for them and their children.

If you fast, please fast with us on 2/28 as court will likely happen while we are sleeping that night (Ethiopia is 9 hours ahead of us).  Please devote time to prayer on 2/28 and 3/1 as we wait for news.

Thank you so much for your prayers.  We know that God hears us.


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