Prayers for Ethiopia #2

As many of you know, Matt and I are leaving for Ethiopia on October 30th to pick up our baby girl, Lulu.  I know many of you have been praying for us throughout this process, and for that we will always be thankful.  Here are some ways that you can pray for us on this trip.  For those of you who practice fasting, we hope that you will again consider fasting on our behalf as we travel to be with our children.

1.  Pray especially for our little boy, M, who still does not have the appropriate paperwork to be adopted.  Pray that God will move powerfully in his life and fill in all the gaps so that his case may proceed.  I hate the thought of him growing up in an orphanage when we want him home with us.

2.  Pray for all the children living at Faith Children’s Home, the orphanage where M lives.  There are about 120 children there, about half of them are small infants.

3.  Pray for me as I try to hold a small medical clinic for the children in the orphanage.  Our friends have given generously to us so that I can provide medical care and food for them.  Pray that we are able to use the money wisely and that the children’s needs are met.

4.  Pray for the staff at Faith and the staff of the Agency.  Pray we can be witnesses for Christ when we interact with them.

5.  Pray for our daughter, Lulu, that our appointment with the U.S. Embassy on 11/4 will go smoothly and that she will bond and attach to us quickly.  Pray for her as we take her away from the only caregivers she has ever known.  Pray that we are able to meet her needs.

6.  Pray for the other adoptive families who are traveling with us.

7.  Pray for our travel days.  We leave for Ethiopia on 10/30 and arrive on 10/31.  We will leave Ethiopia on 11/5, arrive in Washington D.C. on 11/6, and arrive in home on 11/7.  Pray for our families especially on the 17 hour flight back to the U.S. as we will have 6 small children on the plane with us.

I plan to use my awake hours on the long flight to Addis Ababa in prayer for you, our dear friends and family.  Please let me know if there are specific ways that I can pray for you while we are away.


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