Matt and I headed to a Switchfoot concert here at home the week after we got back from New York.  I must say, I love this band.  They are very cool.

Maybe it’s because I’m a physician, but this song, “Mess of Me,” really appeals to me.  It’s all about taking responsibility for your own stuff.  Do you have any idea how often people come to me looking for pills when really, they’re the mess.  They’re responsible.  In my case, usually I’m faced with a child who is an absolute mess because his parents are a mess.  There’s no drug for that.  Sometimes you have to suck it up, admit your mistakes, and change.  Seriously, I wish more of the parents I deal with would just act like grown ups.

I’m also in love with the imagery of Switchfoot.  I appreciate a band whose lyrics put pictures into my head.  One of my favorite songs is “Redemption,” from The Beautiful Letdown.  The best part:  “I’ve got my hand/ at Redemption’s side/ whose scars are bigger than/ these doubts of mine/ I fit all of these monstrosities inside/ and come alive.”  In my line of work, I see some crazy stuff, most of which I can’t really talk about at all because of confidentiality and things.  It wears me out.  So I can just see myself, stuffing all these ugly things into the bleeding side of my Savior.  That is cathartic.  He can absolutely handle it.  He takes all of my monstrosities and everyone else’s.  He’s big enough.

So I’m totally stuck on this one too.  I can’t help it.

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